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Since its inception in 2007, SEITA’s music is a product of experiences colored by the intensity of a life on the move. Spawning from the cultural melting pot of Amsterdam, the brutal and unapologetic force brought by Michel Gambini (G/V), Pablo Minoli (G), Damian Lopez (D) and Mike van den Heuvel (B) is inspired by the different layers and faces of human struggle.

With one EP (Imprint Forever, 2008) and a studio album (Asymmetric Warfare, 2012) under their belt, Seita signed in 2018 with Massacre Record to release their album MALEDICTUS MUNDI.


No shallow display of technical prowess or vapid trend revivals, they carry with them a sonic baggage born from years of dedication and experience.


Brace yourself; the death- and thrash metal soundwave SEITA brings will displace the sugarcoating that stands between you and today’s bitter truths.

Survival can be ugly, gritty, and painfully revealing of our true nature. The every-day office employee can be turned into society’s next serial killer, when his life has been pushed up against a wall, and ultimate survival is the only way out.

Pain in the face of struggle. That is what has forged the music, message and views of this four piece-metal manifesto. Their personal experiences in their homelands and from life abroad have given them the understanding that humans, all over, go through similar situations and struggles.

No one is immune.

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